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So i've never done this before.... but here we go!

*You must post these rules
*Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.
*You have to choose ten people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
*Go to their pages and tell you have tagged him/her.
*No crap in tagging section "you're tagged if you're reading this." You legitimately have to tag.
1) If you had one, what would your theme song be? Keeping in mind of course that your theme song is ALWAYS playing EVERYWHERE you go. ( like Duke Devlin from the yugioh abridged with the 'sexy back' song, if you don't know what I'm talking about, go here --> [link] )

Hummm this is a hard one... ummmm errrr.... Wide Awake by Katy Perry or Catch My Breath by Kelly Clarkson...???

2) You are given a once in a life time opportunity, you can conduct a whole crap load of people to sing one song of your choice, what's the song gonna be? ( mentioning the artist would be nice )

Rock N Roll by The Sounds

3) Ha ha, someone owes you big time. They now have to sing whatever song you want them to sing in front of a whole bunch of random strangers. Who is it (someone real or anime)? What's the song? Where they gonna sing it?

(Just because I've been reading your stuff) Song: Teddybear by Toy-Box, Place: School Cafeteria, Person: Sasuke Uchiha! Muhahaha... Heeheeheee

4) Holly shit, someone want's you to give them an idea for a new manga, what's the story gonna be about?

Ummmm.... Gahhh... I dunno!!! Teens who are trapped in an under grown mall? ;P Who knows where that might lead... hee hee hee

5) Your manga idea made the manga such a huge hit that people wanna make an anime version of it! But there might be just a FEW changes in it...and MAYBE a few more fillers. What's your response?

What the Bleep! No!!! Its not my fault you aren't awesome! :P

6) What's a movie you think EVERYONE should see? Why? (a movie not a series, and yes it can be an anime)

Hummm this is hard.... Spirited Away!!! Because it's an amazing movie!!!

7) NOW what series (only one) do you think everyone should see? Why? ( can be an anime)

Death Note! (I want to see the whole thing!!!) L, nuf said!

8) You somehow ended up in an anime. What's your reaction? How did you get there and what's the anime? ...and I know this sucks BUT, you gotta keep in mind that you have NO powers or really cool skills because're just you...a normal human huh?

Some crazy scientist made a thighy ma-bob! And I uhhh uhhh am in Naruto...Soo where are all the guys I go gaga over??? I want my sexy guys!... heehee o///o

11) Holly-! (use your imagination and put a whole bunch of swear words here) some anime character just came out of your t.v!! Who is it?  What anime is it from? What's your reaction? What's there reaction (since now that they're in the real world there powers don't work and will have no idea where they are) ...are you gonna keep them? If so go in detail. (like if you still live with your parents, how you gonna hide them?...are you even gonna try to hide them?)

Me: O_O OH MY GOD!!! How the ****!!! What the ****! *rants and cusses*
Sasuke: Ummm.. What...just happened?!?! O_O
Me: *In shock*
Sasuke: Ummm earth to chick...
Me:.... You came out of my t.v...
And yes I will keep him!!! And i'll keep him!!! And I'll try and tell my family what happened and if worse comes to worse. We will run away or well i'll move out! hahaha

12) Okay, you don't know why but you somehow got possession of an amazing bad ass weapon. What is it? It can't be something YOU made up, but it can come from an anime.

I want some bad-a daggers =D

Now time for my questions.... This is going to be fun. xD

1.) Who is your favorite band? And what would you do if you got to spend the weekend with them?

2.) If you could be any type of faerie what would it be? And what court would you live in or where you banished?

3.) If you could have any animal for a pet what would it be? (It can be from a movie, book, anime, manga, the wild, or anything) And what would you name it?

4.) What would you do if some one strapped you down and made you listen to Justin Bebier?

5.) Quick!!! You see some poor girl in an ally way being beat and who knows what else, what do you do?

6.) What would you do if you, just one day out of the blue, puked and it was all rainbowy and from then on that's how it looked when you puked?

7.) Somehow you get in a labyrinth, what do you do?

8.) You can control any element, what is it?

9.) If you could date any super hero or villain. who would it be?

10.) If you where stranded on an island in the middle of the ocean that know one knows about, how did you get there? You can have one person with you, who is it? And you can have three items, what are they?

Now time to tag.... hummmm..

:iconyaoitotoro:  :iconanivaangel: :iconscintillatingwatch: :iconuchihahitori:  :iconasktherealartist: :iconwild-sin: :iconlord--madara: :iconask-uchiha-sasuke:
:iconaskdeidaraandhishand: :iconasktherealtemari:


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